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18 Strings Presents R.D. King, Hailey Magee & Carlin Tripp

Fri, Jan 27, 2017 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

R.D. King is a Boston-based human, composer, and acoustic guitar virtuoso. Through composing and performing, King explores life, consciousness, and meaning, grappling with questions of individual and shared experience. Listening to King’s music is an emotional and introspective journey that is difficult to parse into genre or tradition. King’s audiences describe his music as passionate, powerful, deeply memorable, and—at times—extraordinary.

King draws inspiration from literature, philosophy, psychology, and meditation. Born into a family of writers, artists, and musicians, King has always turned to creative process as the framework for introspection and growth. He has been influenced by travel to diverse locales including Qatar, Greece, England, and the South Pacific. A graduate of Ithaca College School of Music, King performs at venues in New England and beyond.

Hailey grew up surrounded by cows and mountains in the part of New Jersey that is neither Turnpike nor seashore. She ventured to the Boston-area for school and spent four years splitting her college career between politics (her field of study) and music (her soulfood).

After working for a year as a professional advocate, Hailey jumped ship to pursue music in all its various forms full-time. A guitar and piano-playing singer-songwriter of the almost-folk variety, Hailey lives in Somerville, MA and enjoys a life overflowing with music.

When she's not performing or writing music of her own, she's probably doing her real job as the Director of Community Engagement at Groupmuse - or doing her un-real job coordinating events and mixers as the Director of EBASS, a music community dedicated to promoting and connecting new Boston-area musicians.

Hailey has witnessed the power of music and musical communities to heal and inspire, and believes that raw, honest expression via the arts can be as powerful a tool as any to change the world. Her music and lyrics are a scrapbook of her experiences straight from the heart. Odds are you'll learn more about her by listening than by reading these words.

"Carlin Tripp is an American songwriter drawing from a life spent roaming this great country, seeking out rare experiences and making new friends along the way. His songs reflect on love lost, love found and the trials and joys we all face in our day to day existence. We are all searching for an answer in our own unique way and it seems Carlin's music longs to provide us with a brief insight to the inner workings of the human spirit."

Sponsered by The Music Box

580 High Street
Dedham, MA 02026

18 Strings Presents R.D. King, Hailey Magee & Carlin Tripp image
18 Strings Presents R.D. King, Hailey Magee & Carlin Tripp image